Weird Facts about the Royal Family


The death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8th represented a monumental shift both for the people of England and the British Monarchy. The Queen of England was known for inheriting a kingdom and acting with responsibility all throughout. Many events took place throughout the time that she reigned and she was able to move through them in a steadfast manner.

Even though royals have died before, the Queen’s 7-decade rule represented an adequate amount of decorum and stability that unified the institution of the Royal Family despite growing more slowly anachronistic, thanks to the endless scandals it faced.

Away from the late queen, the Royal Family is a source of immense fascination and intrigue. Nonetheless, behind the veil of privacy enjoyed by the Royal Family is a series of fascinating and weird facts you will be surprised to know.


Well, here are the weird facts about the royal family:

1. Two birthdays for the Queen/King

Just like ‘us’, the monarchs can only be born once. However, this doesn’t stop the Queen/King from having two birthdays.

For instance, the Queen preferred spending time with her family on her actual birthday (April, 21st).  However, her official birthday which varies throughout the commonwealth was celebrated on the second Monday of June. The official birthday was marked by official parades in the Capital.

2. You can’t get to the throne by marrying a member of the Royal Family

You’d better shelve your ambitions if you are plotting to take the throne by marrying a royal. Nobody ascends to the top by marrying a Royal. Your title will be king- or queen- consort if you married a royal.

3. You are not supposed to touch a royal

It is a rule that nobody but a royal should touch a member of the royal family, particularly the Monarch. However, there are instances where this rule has been broken. For instance, Michelle Obama hugged the Queen in 2009 at Buckingham palace. In normal circumstances, that should not be the case. However, the Queen seemingly embraced this act. It is believed that she initiated this trait.


4. The royals make their own money

Most people uphold the belief that the money spent by the Royal Family comes from the taxpayers.  However, they actually have their own sources of income. In particular, the Royal Family’s income is derived from the Duchy of Lancaster, an investment portfolio of commercial, residential and agricultural properties. Similarly, the Royal Family collects revenues from the millions who come to visit London to see the royal abodes like the Clarence House and the Kingston Palace.

5. The Queen invented a dog breed

Queen Elizabeth II is famously known for her love of corgi dogs. However, one of her corgis mated with a Dachshund, creating a new mixed breed Dorgi species. Today, the Dorgi breed is appreciated for its loyalty, friendliness, and intelligence.


6. They own a lot of property

The property owned by the Royal Family (also called the Crown Estate) is valued at £14 billion. It extends all over the United Kingdom with diversification into all sorts of niches including minerals (gold and silver), Royal palaces, commercial and residential property, farming and agriculture, forestry and parkland.


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