7 Amazing Facts About Human Brain


Your brain is one of the most essential organs in your body. Apart from helping us in thinking, the brain controls the human being’s ability to remember, reason, and learn new things.

It is quite critical as it serves as the command center for the rest of the system.

In essence, it is the superior functioning of the brain that makes human beings distinct from other creatures. That is what makes us special overall.


Here are 7 amazing facts about the human brain:

1. The human brain has over 100 billion neurons

The neurons in the human brain could be as many as the stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

Nonetheless, each of the neurons is perfectly connected to thousands of others using synapses. The synapses are not fixed.

They tend to change with experiences, giving an opportunity for learning. These are very interesting as they keep us sharp and able to connect in many different ways.

2. The brain undergoes constant changes in response to experiences

The changes in the brain are attributed to the property called neuroplasticity; one of the brain’s most significant attributes which let humans learn and adapt to their environments. Plasticity leads to the alteration of synapses (appearance and disappearance) and the birth of new neurons.

3. The brain is under a constant process of producing neurons throughout the human being’s lifespan

The brain uses a process called neurogenesis to produce new neurons in a human being’s lifetime.

However, neurogenesis only takes place in certain parts of the brain such as the hippocampus (an essential memory structure) and the stratum (which aids in reward processing and movement).

Remember that this is a critical part and that you can help to foster neurogenesis.


4. The right-brain and left-brain dominance is only a myth

Well, no one side of the brain is superior or more used than the other. However, it is true that some areas of the brain (either on the left or right) will be more used than others for particular roles. For instance, the left side is responsible for language processing.

5. The human brain neuron signals travel at the same speed as Formula 1 cars

Yes, the speed of the neuron signals is rated at about 100 meters per second or 360km/h. Also called action potentials, these signals are highly essential in fostering communication between neurons.

6. The human brain is hyper-efficient when operating on just 20 watts of power

While a computer requires between 65 and 250 watts of power, your brain only needs 20 watts. Interestingly, the computer would need over 12 gigawatts of power to stimulate 100 trillion connections in the human brain in real time. Well, 12 gigawatts is over 600 million times the amount of power needed by the human brain to perform a similar function.

7. Humans don’t just use 10% of their brains

Some regions of the human brain are more active than others at any given time. However, the entire brain is put to use. Remember, the brain is the most energy-intensive organ in the human body, using 20% of the energy even though it only accounts for 3% of the body weight.


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